Analysis on the latest Covid-19 situation and its impacts on macroeconomy

The spread of the Covid-19 is creating an unprecedented situation in the world economy. Who could have imagined that a situation in which the world’s GDP would be instantly lost by 30% would occur during normal times? In the face of these unprecedented changes in the business environment, the risk management sections of many financial institutions face severe challenges. It is a challenge to manage giant size of Knightian uncertainty type risk in a framework based on science.
The first requirement in managing risk this way is the “visualisation” of the risk you face. In particular, with regard to the Covid-19 infection, the “three types of visualization“, i.e. 1) visualization of the pattern of the Covid-19 transmission, 2) visualization of the impact of the transmission of Covid-19 on the macroeconomy, and 3) visualization of the impact of the damage to the macroeconomy due to the Covid-19 on credit risk facing financial institutions, are important.
Among them, the analysis related to 1) is stored in the site “New Corona Infection Report”, and the analysis related to 2) and 3) are stored in the site “Influence of New Corona Infection on Macroeconomic and Credit Risks”.
We hope that our efforts will be of any use to everyone who fights against Covid-19.


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